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eFLOW™ Invoice Reader PDFR is the revolution that P2P has been waiting for

Adds e-invoice capability to eFLOW™, as a 100% reliable no error e-invoice, just like EDI or an EIPP platform - but without the drawbacks. It’s just so simple you won’t believe it.

eflow Invoice Reader PDFR TechnologyWhat’s the problem?
We all agree Purchase To Pay professionals constantly face the dilemma of e-invoicing versus the traditional paper based process

Can’t we automate paper?
Yes, paper invoice processing can also be automated through the eFlow™ Invoice Reader so when combined with PDFR modules, all transaction types are accommodated.

Don’t other systems process PDF’s?
Yes, PDF files can be processed by other systems but only as images. However, this relies on the optical analysis of image pixels i.e. OCR, which is vulnerable to external influences such as image quality . Furthermore, ensuing manual corrections will reduce straight-through-processing when compared with the eFLOW Invoice Reader PDFR solution.

So what is PDFR tell me more